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May 2011

iPads for Kids and e-Learning

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The Victorian Government here in Australia recently launched the “iPads for Learning” trial program.

Kids iPad Imagery

One of children's illustrations from the iPad for Learning program

Nobody knows better than educators, that in order to get kids to learn, education materials need to be fun. They also need to be innovative and in a format that attracts kids in droves.

Recognizing the appeal of Apple’s tablet to kids, the Government has set up a Web site through its Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, giving educators a set of resources to better understand the platform.

On the site, a simple map showcases ten locations where schools and children’s hospitals have unveiled innovative iPad programs. Four case studies are available.

Ringwood North Primary School, in suburban Melbourne, Victoria, began using the iPads for learning in 2010. Year 4 and 5 students now use 138 iPads to create digital stories using the Epic Citadel app. The stories that children create can be a poem, a collage, or may simply tell a story through imagery alone. [Case study of Ringwood's iPad for Learning program]

The Web site also includes a section for support materials. Called “21 Steps to iPad Success”, the program stresses the need for students to each have access to an iPad and to have it available to them 24/7.

And finally, what’s an iPad without apps? And educational app section highlights some of the programs’ favourites, both from the kids’ and teachers’ perspectives. The apps are cleanly categorised, as such:

I’ve left the links in for easy reference. There’s also a place to suggest an app.

And lastly, the site offers links to Apple’s support network, to digital publications that are used in conjunction with the trial, and words of encouragement to educators.

In other words, everything Victorian school teachers need to start up their schools’ iPads for Learning program. Wow the revolution starts here!

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