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Jun 2011

Can Curated Content Save the Internet?

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The internet is stuffed with so much content that it long ago passed the point where we could hope to absorb even a small chunk of it. That’s called saturation point which leads to user fatigue (or fear of one’s head imploding from the inside). It isn’t pretty and the people aren’t happy.

Accepting the general consensus that we need more not less content in our daily lives thanks to numerous channels, platforms and devices we seem to rely on, there’s only one real solution – we have to start organizing it.

Not even the might of Google can keep up with content production, and searching the internet has become as frustrating as sweeping leaves in the middle of a tornado. That understood, the next phase of online’s evolution story is all about reigning in the chaos that is the internet and organizing it into some kind of collection that is relevant, granular and intuitive to the end user.  And that’s called content curation.

We’re going to see curation in every corner of the web. It started four score and fifty yonks ago with aggregator sites like the Drudge Report and Huffington Post.  With the introduction of the social sites came personalized newsfeeds. Once our Facebook newsfeeds turned into a firehose spewing content, we needed some order. We decided to choose what news organizations we’d like to see in our feed – and friends! Then we began to rely on larger curators of content – organizations that gave us the best selection of international sports or politics or business stories.  Why try and search for the definitive analysis when we could turn to a trusted curator that had done the hard work for us?

It seems only natural that we head into the e-commerce frontier with this also, as online retail has become the juggernaut of 2010/11 – murch to the chagrin of the bricks and mortar outlets. And finally we have reached the point where we now have social networks specializing in curation of content. Checkout one of the better start ups, French outfit to see just how many people you can meet in the online world that share the same granular interest in something as you do.

Welcome to the age of curation – we just hope it’s enough of an effort to save the internet – at least as we now know it.

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